Downsizing + Other Big Changes

After a little over 4 years in business, I (Lauren) am pregnant with my first child and have decided to make some significant changes to the business to allow for a better work/family life balance.

Beginning at the end of January 2024, we will be downsizing our physical location from our warehouse to my home workspace (back where it all began)! Along with the move, we will be completely changing the way the business operates.

We're switching to what I'm calling a "limited launch" model, where instead of having all of our products available for purchase 24/7, we will restock the website with new and returning items 1-2 times per month. 

Each month, we’ll announce which items will be restocked and when. For example, one date's restock list may look something like this:

  • You’re the Tits
  • Emotional Support Candle
  • Resting Brunch Face
  • New candle + melt #1
  • New candle + melt #2
  • New candle + melt #3
  • New candle + melt #4

Once these items sell out, our website will remain "sold out" until the next restock date. So, if you plan on purchasing, it's important to take note of restock dates and try to shop as quickly as possible!

This means that now is your last chance to shop our website as usual! The items you see in stock now will be available until they sell out or until the end of January, whichever comes first.

Subscriptions will not be affected and will continue to process and ship normally. 

Wholesale ordering will still be available on a limited basis. Our selection for wholesale will rotate each month and will most likely contain 5-10 items instead of the current 25+. Please email to place a wholesale order at this time.

Be sure to follow along with us on social media (@bossypantscandle on Instagram) and be subscribed to our sms/email list to be notified with each restock!

Questions? Email us at

Thanks for being here for the past 4 years! Let's make it the best year yet. 🕯✨